The documentary film, ROARING ABYSS

produced in association with Solysombra recordings, is now available to watch through IndiePix:

Remember to use decent speakers or headphones to enjoy the full experience!

You can read about the film and see some trailers here:

Here are some other clips to look at from the experiences of recording across Ethiopia.

Sheba Sound on the road, heading west from Jimma

“Come to Gojjam, Gojjam is love”

Sheba Sound in Burubwax, home of the Asmari

Back in the UK, mixing the tracks with Nick Manasseh in an Oromo dub style – a clip of Mal Ame Ini, sung by Abduletif Jemal

From the Awrus tribe – Weyniye Weynu, sung by Kifle Mebrahtu, dub by Nick Manasseh

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