Chichika! – unreissued Ethio-funk songs

A while back, DJ Yonatan was asked by a label in the UK to compile an album of Ethio-funk songs from the 70s that were never reissued.

As a DJ in Addis, his immediate inclination was to do a comp on the Amhara “Chichika” beat – the one that gets everyone dancing.

He used to play this stuff in the Fendika Asmari House in Addis with DJ Mitmitta.

The comp never happened, but here’s a little mix of that Chichika magic that got the room all heated up.

Also on Mixcloud.


Alameyehu Eshete – Abebaye (PH-125)
Tilahun Gessesse with Mulatu Astatke All Star Band – Kulun Manqualesh (PH-105)
Negash Tekie and Mulugueta Tilhaun – Yewyen Abeshie (ER-6)
Alameyehu Borobor and The Walias – Tez Alegn Hagere (KF-7643)
Alameyehu Borobor and The Walias – Yeshebelewa (KF-7644)
Tamrat Molla – Band Igir Lay Tchama (PH-240)
Mulugueta H Mikael – Kantchi Lela (PH-233)
Getachew Kassa – Fikrishin Eshalehu (PH-107)
Hirut Bekele and The Police Orchestra – Zimam Newhoy (PH-255)
Tamrat Molla – Eswa Gin Teletchim (PH-240)
Issatu Tessema and Orchestra Ethiopia – Lemlemwa Hagere (PH-179)
Kebede Ali and Orchestra Ethiopia – Goradew Na (PH-185)
Tilaye Chewaka and The Army Band – Zematch Ashewyna (PH-251)
Tefera Kassa and Lema Demissew ‘& his group’ – Akale Wubie (PH-128)
Ayalew Mesfin – Yewefe Ber Abeba (KF-32)
Solomon Shibeshi – Elil Bale Hoy (PH-167)
Muluken Melesse – Ishuru Belut (PH-177)

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