Welcome to Sheba Sound – the ongoing product of over six years of events, music digging and recordings, originating in Addis Ababa and spanning as many of the areas of the country as is physically possible to reach. Read about our activities, follow our footsteps on the map, delve into...


With exclusive Dub dance mixes by Nick Manasseh. Buy it on vinyl or digital format here: https://shebasound.bandcamp.com/album/yebolala

New album – ‘Out of Addis’ available now

LP/ CD & Digital. Buy online here: https://shebasound.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-addis This album presents a selection of contemporary recordings from Ethiopia, an ancient country where incredible musical traditions have been brewing for centuries – unbeknownst to much of the Western world. The Horn of Africa nation is most often associated with the famous...

Sheba Exclusives Mix

Offering up a two hour mix of exclusive, unreleased music from the Sheba Sound vaults. Modern-day recordings of raw music from all over Ethiopia. With pounding dubs from the mixmaster Nick Manasseh. https://www.mixcloud.com/Shebasound/sheba-exclusives-mix/