Ethio 80s Cassette R&B mix

Originally released with Sofrito, Sheba Sound, direct out of Ethiopia, delivers an exclusive hour-long Ethio-R&B mix of cassette releases from the 70s and 80s. All sorts of bluesy gems that have stayed out the limelight.

None of the songs on this mix to our knowledge were ever pressed up on a record, or re-issued on CD. They are all original sounds dug up from old cassette shops from around Ethiopia.


Atechekenbegnem – Ayalew Mesfin
Tezez Begalaye – Muluken Melesse
Ancbi Lij – Thiedros Tadesse
Tey Enekebaber – Kefel Bekele
Munaye – Ephrem Tamru
Tatche Alkarem – Neway Debebe
Tey Manesh – Solomon Shibeshi
? – Fisseha Alamayehu
? – Fisseha Alamayehu
Yangete Sew Honesh – Tamrat Molla
Kemekem – Muluken Melesse

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